Why am I not receiving emails from ProcurementExpress.com

Not seeing/receiving your emails from us? Possibly detecting us as Spam? There might be a few reasons for that.

Are all the correct settings enabled?

Under user settings, we have a few notification settings that you can customize depending on what you would like to be notified on. Find out how here.

Approvers will always be prompted on new purchase orders that require their attention.

Seeing our emails under the "Spam" category?

It could be that our email address was blocked by your company's security policy/ strict ISP service and that our email addresses have to be "whitelisted" for you to receive our emails again.

This means you will have to contact your IT department or ISP to get our email domain whitelisted.


Still have a few questions? Use the Live Chat icon in the bottom right corner or alternatively send an email to support@procurementexpress.com to get in touch with one of our Support Representatives. Have a feature suggestion? We'd love to hear from you! Add your feature suggestion on feedback.procurementexpress.com.