Introduction to Departments

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What are Departments?

Departments in is a way to divide your company into different sections to organize your employees, budgets, and suppliers.

Think of your company as a big building, and each department is a different room within the building. Each room has its own employees, budgets, and suppliers and is in charge of buying specific goods for their own use.

For example:

  • The Marketing department might have an Adwords budget and an SEO Management budget, and they are only allowed to make department purchases using these budgets. 
  • The IT department might have Overheads, Hardware, and Software budgets, and they are only allowed to make department purchases using these budgets.

By dividing your company into different departments, makes it easier for you to keep track of what each department is buying and how much they are spending.


You can change your Department Alias to something that better suits your company, such as Projects, Locations, etc. 

Click Here to learn how. 

Where can I find my Departments? 

The companyadmin role can edit Departments

All of your company's departments are stored and organized in the Departments section on the left-hand side of the screen. 

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