How do I navigate through ProcurementExpress?

The key to easily navigate through any app is to know where everything is. The better you know the layout, the faster you can get things done!

Everything you will need to navigate through ProcurementExpress is located within the top Menu-Bar.

Contents of the Top Menu-Bar

  1. The home button containing the company name - Takes you to your home screen, as determined by the setting located in user settings.
  2. The company switching dropdown - Where you switch between multiple companies given that you have subscribed to the multi-company pack.
  3. Search - This is where you can search for Purchase Orders (By typing PO numbers, Supplier on PO, etc.) and Budgets.
  4. "Purchase Order" button - Takes you to the Purchase Order Listing Page (Available to all user roles.)
  5. Budgets - Allows users to view and edit all the company budgets - (Available to all users with the "Approver", "Finance" and "Company Admin" user roles)
  6. Suppliers - Goes to the suppliers listing page (Available to users with the "Finance" and "Company Admin" user roles)
  7. Employees - Allows user to view and edit users in the company account. (Only available to users with the "Company Admin" user role)
  8. + New Purchase Order - Allows Users to create Purchase Orders (Only available to users with the "team member" user role.)
  9. Help Menu - This is where you can: Access the FAQ's, Email support, Schedule a call with our support team or Suggest a feature on our feature suggestion page.
  10. Notification Bell - This is where all notifications will be shown, E.g. Pending purchase orders for approvers.
  11. Settings Cog - This is where all the settings and options are contained.

    • Team Member Users
      • Only has access to "User Settings" and the "Refer & Earn" option.
    • Approvers
      • Only has access to "User Settings",  "Reports" and the "Refer & Earn" option.
    • Finance Users
      • Only has access to "User Settings",  "Reports" and the "Refer & Earn" option.
    • Company Admin Users
      • Has access to "User Settings", "Company Settings", "Reports", "Billing", "Integrations", "Add-on Market" and the "Refer & Earn" option.


What all the settings cog entries mean/do:

Please refer to the list above to see what user roles have access to the entries.

  • User Settings - Where all the settings that only affect the user are located
  • Company Settings - All settings regarding the company itself. This is where the important settings that determine how things work within your company account.
  • Reports - This is where various types of reports can be run
  • Billing - This is where you can see what you are currently paying for within ProcurementExpress, and upgrade/ add subscriptions for your account
  • Integrations - Where you can get your ProcurementExpress account set up with other different software like Xero, Zapier and where you can set up webhooks that trigger on events.
  • Add-on Market - Shows a list of all the possible add-ons you can purchase/add to your company
  • Refer & Earn - Takes the user to the referral page where they can refer us to other people who may benefit from using ProcurementExpress and earn a reward
  • Sign Out - Closes the user session and takes you back to the log in screen

Still have a few questions? Use the Live Chat icon in the bottom right corner or alternatively send an email to to get in touch with one of our Support Representatives. Have a feature suggestion? We'd love to hear from you! Add your feature suggestion on