How do I use the Xero Integration?

Do you have purchase orders that you want to be synced into Xero? Trying to skip the manual recreation of each purchase order? Luckily there is an integration for that!


Note: To be able to access the integration you will need to have the "Company Admin" user role.

Urgent: For the sync to be successful all your suppliers in will have to be in your Xero account.

Locating the Integration

  1. Go to the Settings cog
  2. Navigate on Integrations
  3. Click on "Xero"
  4. Use your Xero Login details to access your Xero account
  5. Allow access for 30 minutes (You will be redirected back to
  6. Now you will see a generated list of all your approved purchase orders
  7. Select all the purchase orders you want to be synced into Xero
  8. Proceed in clicking on "Sync" 

What Happens in Xero?

The purchase orders you have synced to Xero will be Located under Business > Purchase Orders.
From the purchase order screen, you can click on "Mark as billed", thus copying the purchase order into a draft bill where you can select the account you want to use. Remember to make the totals match up. Afterward, you can make a payment.
The purchase order number will be included as a reference number in Xero.

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