What are the different user roles in ProcurementExpress.com?

In ProcurementExpress.com we have 5 different user roles. Namely; RFQ Officer, Team Members, Approvers, Finance Users and Company Admins. Each user role has their own level of access in the system.


Note: One user might have multiple user roles at once.

RFQ Officer

This user role is introduced with the RFQ add-on and will have to be set by the Company Admin user. 
The RFQ Officer role allows for the creation and management of RFQ cases. 
Once the role has been assigned to a user by the Company Admin the user's account, the Team Member role is automatically added and they are assigned to all departments in the account. However, these setting can still be adjusted by the Company Admin user. 

Team members

Team Members are the lowest tier of users within ProcurementExpress.com. They have no access to Company settings. This is the only user role that is capable of creating purchase requests. 

Team Members only have access to the Purchase Order Listing page and Purchase order creation page. The data displayed on the listing page depends on what the Company Admin role chose.

Team Members only have access to specific budgets depending on which departments they have been allocated to, and can only view the purchase orders that they have created. 

Team members can have their own approval limit that allows them to “Self Approve” Purchase orders if the setting on the budget(s) have been activated.


Approvers have the power to Approve and Reject Purchase Requests. Within the auto-approval route, approvers are directly associated with different budgets. 

Approvers only have access to the budgets page and purchase order listing page.

In the settings cog menu, Approvers only have access to "User Settings",  "Reports" and "Refer & Earn". 

Approvers are also able to edit a PO while it is still in the pending state and to "Cancel and Revise" a PO if the wrong department or budget(s) has been selected on the PO.

Finance Users

The finance users have access that allows them to do the following:

  • Edit budgets
  • Edit purchase orders (Before and After approval) and supplier details. Please note that there is a setting in company settings -> purchase orders to require re-approval after purchase order edit. 
  • To mark a Purchase order as fulfilled and paid
  • Use the Approval Override function to fully approve a PO if approves are unavailable to approve a PO
  • Generate Reports From settings cog menu

In the side menu-bar, Finance users have access to only the Purchase order listing page, Budgets page, and the suppliers page. The Finance users can view all POs being created in the account

Company Admin users

Company Admin users are the "Super Users" in the account. Each account requires at least one Company Admin user. These users manage the employees within the account as well as the budgets and supplier information. They are the only users with access to the company settings. In contrast with the Team Member role, this is seen as the "Highest Tier" user role in ProcurementExpress.com. The company admin user role has the most control over the Company setup.

The company admin has access to all the created purchase orders and departments in the company.

In the side menu-bar, this role gives the user access to the Purchase order listing page, Budgets, Suppliers, Employees, and Departments.


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