How do I integrate with Quickbooks via Zapier?

Using Zapier, you can connect your account with Quickbooks allowing your data to be synced between your two accounts.

What does the integration with Quickbooks allow?

Vendor Syncing

The integration allows all your vendors from Quickbooks to be synced into Meaning that all your vendors will be a mirrored copy of what is currently in your Quickbooks account.

Automated bill creation

This automatically creates a bill in Quickbooks using the data from a purchase order that has been approved. 

Setting Up The Integration

Since this is a very complexed process we usually help getting that set up for you and your account. If you are interested in finding out more on this, you can reach out to our support team to get the process started. Use the Live Chat icon in the bottom right corner or alternatively send an email to to get in touch with one of our Support Representatives.