How do I create purchase orders using Pushcart?

This feature is exclusive to our Web App in chrome browsers. Get the PushCart Chrome Extension for your online purchases! (Also referred to as "Punch Out" / "Punchout")

Download and Install the chrome extension

  1. Click Here to go to the extension in the Chrome Web Store
  2. Click on "Add to chrome"

Set up pushcart with your account

Click on the Pushcart browser extension.

On the page that opens you should see:

  1. Add your Login details in the dialog box
  2. Click on save

That's all there is to it.

Using Pushcart

  1. Visit your favorite online store like
  2. Continue by adding the items to your cart as per usual.
  3. When you’re done shopping, open PushCart by clicking on the extension.
  4. Complete the PO form as usual, by selecting your company, department, budget, etc.
  5. Once the form is fully completed, press “Create PO”. As long as the cart is supported, a new draft PO will be created and will open with your new PO already filled out.
  6. A draft PO will be created with all your items, (This means you can review the PO created afterward and fill in any other additional information you might need)
  7. Simply send off the PO for approval, and you are good to go!

Note: All Purchase orders created using PushCart has an extra option named "Buy Now", that takes you directly to the shopping cart of the site that the PO was created from. 

Going Back to the cart:

All Purchase orders made via pushcart will have an extra button available, named "Buy Now" that will take you back to the cart already filled out with the items you wanted to buy.

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