What do the different PO statuses mean?

You might be lost between most of our Purchase Order status tags. We will walk you through every one of them!

Approval Status

Indicates where the purchase order is in terms of approval. A Purchase Requisition is submitted for approval, once it is approved it is classified as a purchase order. 


This tag means that a new purchase order is still pending approval. This status tag appears before the PO is fully Approved or Rejected. The pending tag is initially shown together with Unpaid and Undelivered.


The approved tag will be added after a pending purchase order has been approved. The finance users can now make payments to that purchase order.



The rejected tag is applied to all purchase orders that are rejected. 


Payment Status

Indicates the payment status of a purchase order, basically showing whether the purchase order is paid or still awaiting payment. This is also where it is indicated whether a purchase order has received an invoice, or is ready to pay after an invoice has been approved.


No payments were made on the Purchase Order yet. 

Invoice Received

An invoice was uploaded to the purchase order and it needs to be reviewed and Accepted/Rejected.

Ready To Pay

An invoice was accepted so now the Purchase order is as ready to pay.


The purchase order was paid in full.


Delivery Status

The delivery status is used to track whether the items on a purchase order has been delivered/received.


The undelivered tag indicates that none of the items on the purchase order have been received/delivered yet.

Partially Delivered

Items on the purchase orders were delivered but not all of the items were received.


All the items on the purchase order were delivered/received.


Other Status Tags


The tag is used to indicate that the purchase order was cancelled.


This is just to indicate that the Purchase Order is still a draft and hasn't been sent for approval yet.