How do I check the remaining amount on the budgets before approving?

By hovering over the budget you can see the remaining amounts.

For Approvers

Note: This is enabled by default.

  1. Open the pending purchase order
  2. Hover over the budget on the line item
  3. A Tooltip will appear showing the remaining amountScreenshot 2024-06-06 at 12.48.54
  4. Proceed in accepting/rejecting the purchase order


For Team Members

Note: This procedure will have to be followed by a Company Admin, as this is a setting that will need to be enabled.

  1. Click on the settings cog
  2. Navigate to "Company Settings"
  3. Select the "Budgets" settings tab
  4. Select the box next to "Team Members can see amounts remaining" to toggle it
  5. Remember to save!

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