How do I set up custom fields?

Not every company is the same. With custom fields, you can add your own information/fields to your purchase orders.

Article Content: 

1. How to add custom fields

2. The different types of input fields

3. Understanding custom field options

4. Access Level

How to add custom fields

  1. Click on your initials in the top right-hand corner
  2. Select "Company Settings" from the drop-down options
  3. Go to the "Purchase Orders" settings tab
  4. Scroll down until you see the "Custom Fields" section
  5. Click the "+ Add New Field" option under the "Purchase Order Custom Fields" Or under "Line Item Custom Fields"
  6. Enter the field's Name
  7. Select the Field type (Please see the "The different types of input fields" section on this article)
  8. Select the custom field options (Please see the "Understanding custom field options" section on this article)
  9. Select the access level of this field (Please see the "Access Level" section on this article)
  10. Click on "Save" once done

Purchase Order Custom Fields:
Fields where data can be added that are unique to the purchase order as a whole.
An example might be the payment method that will be used for the PO.

Line Items Custom Fields:
Custom fields that are added to each line item containing information that has to
be added for all the individual line items

The different types of input fields

Date - Field used for adding dates, has a nifty date picker.

Drop-Down List - Add a drop-down list with predefined values that you could choose from

Label - Adds text but no field. (text that cannot be edited)

Number - Adds a field that only accepts numbers and not text

Telephone Number - Adds a field that can contain telephone numbers

Text Box - Used for making notes/memos (Longer Text)

Text Input - Used for making short notes Limited at 255 characters

Web Link - Fields for inserting links

Yes/No - Adds a checkbox, where a checked box means "Yes" and an empty unchecked box "No"

Understanding the different custom field options

Required Fields

All required fields have to be filled in to be able to send the purchase order off for approval.


Enables and Disables the custom fields. 

Editable after approval

This setting controls whether the field can still be edited after the purchase order has been approved.

Access Level 

What user roles will have access to see and edit the custom fields? You can select from the 3 preset options in the drop-down list. 

  • Everyone (Team Members, Approvers, Finance and Company Admins)
  • Approvers and Finance
  • Finance Only

Available on PO list screen

(This is only applicable to Purchase Order Custom fields)
Here you can choose whether the field should be displayed on the purchase order listing screen and available for bulk edit.

Displayed on the PDF

Toggles whether the fields are being displayed on the PDF version of the Purchase Order.
You can also select if you need the field to always display or only display when that field has information in it.

Custom field for FAQ

Access Level

With this setting, you decide who is able to see the field

Everyone - Every user will be able to see this field regardless of their user roles

Approvers and finance - Only users that have the Approver and Finance user role will be able to see this field

Finance Only - Only users with the Finance user role will be able to see this field

Note: A custom field can only be a required field if the access level is set to "Everyone" as team members are the users that have the ability to create a PO, and if they are not able to enter a required field they will not be able to complete the PO. 

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