How do I Edit a Purchase Order? allows you to change the details of a purchase order to ensure that your company purchases the right items, from the right Supplier, for the right price. 

  1. Who can edit purchase orders?

  2. Settings that can affect who can edit purchase orders.

  3. How to edit purchase orders.

Who can edit purchase orders?

By default, these are the rules for editing purchase orders:

  1. The Companyadmin role can not edit anything.
  2. The Finance role can edit any requests and orders.
  3. The Teammember role can only edit their own Drafts.
  4. The Approver role can edit requests pending their own approval.

Settings that can affect who can edit purchase orders.

To find these settings, go to your initials, top-right -> Company Settings -> Purchase Orders.

You'll see some settings with checkboxes, that's what we're looking for.

Require approval after purchase order edit by the finance role

  1. Require approval after Purchase Order edit
    This setting lets the purchase order go back into a pending status after it was edited by a Finance role.
  2. Allow Approval By Final Approver
    Relevant to the previous setting, the pending request will only require approval by the final approver in the chain. 
  3. Approval if PO amount greater than previous
    Relevant to the first setting, the purchase order will only go back into the pending status if the edit increased the purchase order total amount.

Access for other user roles to edit purchase orders.

  1. Allow edit PO while PO is approved / not paid
    This will allow Approvers to edit approved orders that they are the approver on. This will only be possible if the purchase order is approved, but not yet paid.

How to edit purchase orders.

1. Navigate to the Purchase Orders menu item on the left-hand side. 

2. Click on the purchase order you wish to Edit. 

2. Click on the Actions button and select the Edit or Cancel & Revise option from the drop-down menu.

3. The Edit option will take you to the Edit Purchase Order Page where you can change the relevant details of your purchase order. 

Click on Update at the bottom of the Page to save your changes and to update the purchase order. 

The Relevant Approvers and Suppliers will be notified about the Updated Purchase Order via Email or with an In-App Notification.

4. The Cancel & Revise Option will cancel your purchase order, and create a copy that you can edit and send for approval. The new request will have a link to the old request in the history section.


Click on the Send button to send the newly created Purchase Request to the relevant Approvers.


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