How do I customize the PO number?

Do you need a more custom PO number? You can substitute the purchase order number with a custom field.

Note: To access company settings you will need to have the "Company Admin" user role.

  1. Click the Settings cog
  2. Navigate to Company Settings
  3. Select the Purchase Orders setting tab
  4. Under PO Number Format you can choose between the Default PO number format and the auto-generated PO number
    Default Format - System auto generated, Is customizable, though the "ID" field 
    can'tbe removed. You can add items like Custom text, Custom fields and the date.

    Auto Generated PO Number - The PO Number can be comprised out of Custom text,
    Custom fields and the date. In this case the ID is a Sequencial number starting
    at 001.
  5. Don't forget to save!


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