How do I create a Purchase Order

The fact that you are reading this probably means you are new to our app.

  1. Hover over the “ + New Purchase Order” Button
    • If your company does not make use of departments: Simply just click on the “ + New Purchase Order” Button
    • If your company uses departments: Select the required department from the list that appears
  2. Select the supplier to which the Purchase Order will be sent, from the drop-down list
    • If the supplier hasn’t been added yet, you can proceed to do so using the “New Supplier” entry from the list if your company isn’t using a fixed supplier list.
  3. In the “Item Description" field fill in/or select the name of the product or service that you are planning to buy
  4. Select the budget from which the Purchase Order will be paid
  5. Type in the Unit Price
  6. Adjust the Quantity of the item as needed
  7. Select your tax rate if needed
  8. In the notes field, you can add any additional information that you would like your supplier to see
  9. Drag and drop attachment files such as quotes and invoices onto the drop zone or simply use the “Browse Files” button to locate and upload the file
  10. Select the required approvers from the list
    • This step is only applicable to companies who make use of Manual approval routing, More on that here:
  11. Make sure all required fields are filled in
  12. Proceed in sending off the purchase order for approval

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