How do I create a PO on the mobile app?

Creating a purchase order on the mobile app is easy, and perfect for any on-the-go scenario. Create Purchase Orders wherever you find yourself!

Navigate to the "Create PO page" if you aren't already on it.

  1. Select the department in which the Purchase Request will be raised
  2. Select the supplier to which the Purchase Request will be sent to 
    • If the supplier hasn’t been added yet, you can proceed to do so using the button to create a supplier
  3. Select the Currency the Purchase request will be in
  4. Click on the icon under "Add Items"
    • Select the SKU Of the product (The item should then autofill by itself depending on whether you use product lists and SKU in your company)
    • Select the Budget that you would like to use for the Line Item
    • Select the Product (If it has not been filled in automatically)
    • Add the Unit Price and Quantity and Tax Rate (If required)
    • Proceed by clicking on "Add to purchase order" and repeat for any additional line items
  5. Add notes or any additional information that you would like your supplier to see in the notes block
  6. Proceed by tapping on "Select Approvers"
    • This step is only applicable to companies who make use of Manual approval routing, More on that here:
  7. Select the approvers who will have to review your purchase request
  8. Tap on "Next" 
  9. And your Purchase order is successfully created

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