How do I cancel a Purchase Order?

Created a purchase order but afterward realized that your colleague already made one? Now is the perfect time to probably try and cancel that purchase order, am I right?

Note: You can cancel a purchase order as long as it is not marked as paid, In that case, you can use the "Mark as Unpaid" option, followed by "Mark as Cancelled"

To cancel a Purchase Order, follow these steps:

  1. On the purchase order listing page select the purchase order you would like to cancel
  2. Scroll down to the "Other Actions" located at the bottom right
  3. Click on "Mark as Cancelled"
  4. Click "Yes" on the confirmation dialog

Canceling multiple Purchase Orders at a time

  1. On the purchase order listing page, select the purchase orders you want to cancel by clicking in the checkbox on the 
  2. When you have selected all the purchase order, click on "Cancel" In the top right corner,

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