How do I attach files to my Purchase Order?

Do you have any additional files you would like to upload to a Purchase Order?

When creating a new purchase order, use the Drag&Drop field to attach files. For existing POs, you can edit it to attach a file, such as an invoice or receipt, or to print it.

Note: This is for internal Company purposes only

Attaching a File to your Purchase Order

  1. Go to the Purchase Orders dashboard
  2. Select the Purchase Order
  3. Under "Leave a comment", you can:
    • Add a comment in the text box
    • Click "Choose File" to upload a file from your device
    • Drag & drop a file onto the "Choose File" button

  4. Click on "Comment/Attach"

Downloading the PO PDF

  1. Under Other actions, click PDF and the PDF will start downloading
  2. Open the PDF and print it

Uploading Invoices

If you have invoices to upload, you can make use of our internal invoice upload feature.

  1. Open the Purchase order you would like to add the invoice to
  2. In the comments section, at the bottom, click on "Upload Invoice"
  3. Drag an invoice onto the dialog box that opens (Alternatively, click on "Browse File")
  4. In the Invoice amount block, add the amount as indicated on the invoice.
  5. Click on Done, 
  6. You can now accept/reject the invoice 

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