How do I add coupons to my Purchase Orders?

Occasionally it just so happens that you got a coupon from your supplier, if you are planning to use it you probably want to indicate it on your purchase order. Here is how you can go about that.

Adding a coupon to your Purchase Order

  1. Create a new purchase order 
  2. Complete the purchase order
  3. Click on "+ Add An Item" to create a new line item for the coupon
  4. You can add the coupon code to the "Item No" or the "Description" fields
  5. Select the budget
  6. Enter a negative amount using the (-) minus symbol. (E.g $250 would be -250)
  7. Set tax rate to 0%
    New Purchase Order 2019-06-21 12-59-19

If you receive a lot of coupons for your account you might consider using a custom field read this article on custom fields

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