Where can I find my Purchase Orders in Menu 2.0?

Within the new menu, we have made the flow of the Purchase Orders more clear by separating them put into their respective categories. Can't seem to find your purchase orders in the new menu?

Requests 🔔

A Purchase Request is a Purchase Order that has not been approved yet. (Basically, a Purchase Order that is currently in a Draft, Pending or Rejected state

Purchase Orders 📄

When a Purchase Request has been approved it classifies as a Purchase Order. 
This contains Purchase Orders that have been Approved, Archived and Cancelled.

Deliveries 📦

Contains Purchase Orders that are Undelivered, Partially Delivered and Delivered.

Invoices 📥

Lists Purchase Orders that have invoices attached to it.

Payments 💵

Contains Purchase Orders that are Unpaid, Ready To Pay and Paid.


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